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Train delays happen frequently in the UK, and you should not have to accept them. The UK law concerning train passenger rights is officially known as Delay Repay. If your train was delayed for 15min or more within the last 28 days, you can use our RailHero App to claim and set automatic claim for future journeys. More details from Money Saving Experts Here

When your train is cancelled and you take the next one, you are entitled to a refund if your overall journey was delayed by more that 15 minutes.In case you travelled on an advanced ticket, you are entitled to a full refund regardless of the overall delay to your journey.

In multi-leg journeys, a train delay in one of the legs may lead to a missed connection, in which case you will need to take the next available train allowed by your train ticket- it's important to check with station staff if you are unsure, as there may be some exceptions, particularly if the alternative route is run by a different train company.

You are entitled to a refund if your overall journey was delayed by more that 15 minutes.

It is your right to receive your compensation in the same way you paid for your ticket.The range of repayment options normally offered by the train Operators are:

- Electronic bank transfer (BACS)
- E-voucher (you must have an online account with us)
- PayPal (you must have a PayPal account)
- Credit or debit card (we are currently unable to process MasterCard and AMEX repayments)
- National Rail vouchers
- Cheque

If you have a season ticket and experience train delays frequently, RailHero is the app to you to use. We continuously monitor for delays for your journeys and provide a one-tap hassle claim for you. How RailHero works Delay Repay Informtion from Train Operators

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The RailHero App Features

Making Rail Refund Easier for Passengers, Train Operators & Train Ticket Sellers. We use a sophisticated Automated Delay Repay Validation API to provide real time delay information accurately.

For Train Passengers

  • Great & Swift App

    We are the best at what we do; we validate any delayed journey in real-time and send the claim for you in one tap.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    We provide you delays notification as they happen for your actual journey and alternatives for disrupted routes.

  • 24/7 Delay Monitoring

    Enter futhure journeys in our app- We monitor these journeys continuously for delays. You will be notified automatically.


For Train Operators & Retailers

  • Easy API Integration

    Simple, Easy to integrate, Realtime and highly scalable API with minimal disruption of your rail related business.

  • Real Time Results

    Best In Class SaaS Delay Repay API Engine for real-time validation of eligible delayed journeys for delay repay claim.

  • Automated Delay Repay

    Delay calculation fully automated and generated instantly as per the delay rules of the different train operators.

Delay Repay Information
for Train Operators

Search for the delay repay information from the train operators in the UK for different kinds of tickets from single to season tickets. These policies may change from time to time, so always check.

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